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No. 31
Measures 16" by 10" at base and stands 26" tall with handles. The base is filled. $115.00. 

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No. 32a
 Basket on left, 41/2"
square 71/2" with handle

No. 32b
Basket on right, 14x8" 161/2 " tall including handles, green accents $85

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Large round basket has a 14" diameter wood base.
The finished basket has a rim diameter of 22".
It is 12 1/2" tall with oak handles. This is a great basket.

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No. 34a 
 Long basket on left has a 4 X 4 oak handle and measures 21" long .Great for bread or rolls. $39.50

No. 34b
Basket on right measurers 6" square and is 14" tall including handles. Navy, burgandy and green accent color. $47.50

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No. 35 
Quilt basket, basket measures 23x16" with a filled base, 17" high. $140.00

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  No. 36 
Basket measures 5 1/2" x 31" at base and is 7 1/2" high including oak handles.

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No. 37 
Basket measures 12"x 3" at base and 14" high, 21 1/2" including handle. Navy accent. $65.00

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No. 38a

No. 38b
Basket in center measures 7" X 16" at
base and is 6" high. $52.50
No. 38c
Basket on right measures 10" square
at base and is 8" high. $57.50


These baskets are red, black, and
natural walnut. They are a new style for
me and will be available in other sizes.


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No. 39a 
Basket on left measures 16" x 7 1/2" at base and is 6" high. $52.50

No. 39b
Basket in center measures 9" X 4" at base and is 2 1/2" high $25.50
No. 39c
Basket on right measures 13" x 8" at base and is 5 1/2" high $42.50



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